why's everything gotta be so intense with me (coendou) wrote in stupid_free,
why's everything gotta be so intense with me

I'm bringing s_f back.

It turns out that joining fanficrants makes me want to post to s_f a lot. Okay, twice in a month, but given that that's more posts than it had in the previous year...

So slashjunkie1 posts with a rant about a pregnancy trope in fics - the pregnant person waking up their partner in the middle of the night to make them food. Because, you see, the only valid reason for doing such a thing would be if you are "BED RIDDEN or have a BROKEN ARM or BROKEN LEG/S" or something equally debilitating. Stupid pregnant people, forgetting that your partner needs to sleep. Hello, just because you're losing sleep to make them a baby doesn't mean they should, too! It's just rude.

Several people point out that, uh, there are actually a dozen and three perfectly valid reasons that a person in a normal pregnancy with no broken bones might do this. It's a trope for a reason. Maybe slashjunkie1 just has no experience with pregnancy and didn't realize that this actually happens in real life, right?

slashjunkie1 edits, but it doesn't get much better. On the one hand, they mention some emotionally manipulative and abusive things that happened in the fic in question, which would make a valid rant. Yet they maintain that their "complaint is the waking of the SO in these fics to make the prego person their sandwich. All day long PP you go about your day doing stuff at 3 pm or 12 pm, all by your lonesome."

You were fine at noon, how dare you feel like shit come 2am!

Now the commenters really start edging away from slashjunkie1, pointing out that now it sounds like they have an actual beef with pregnant women. slashjunkie1 also leaves a few comments, none of which do anything but dig the hole deeper.

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