why's everything gotta be so intense with me (coendou) wrote in stupid_free,
why's everything gotta be so intense with me

Newton's Sixteenth Law of the Internet

I know this comm is beyond dead and all, but I just couldn't resist this.

Over in fanficrants, cauldronofdoom posts a physics rant. They just hate it when authors get basic motion wrong in fics, which is a valid complaint. However, within this post they manage to mislabel Newton's Third Law as his First Law, AND attribute the phenomenon in question to the Third Law when, in fact, it's caused by the (real) First Law.

When these things are pointed out, cauldronofdoom corrects the mislabeling but claims that their incorrect physics was no accident: you see, they didn't want to go into a lengthy physics lesson, so it was easier to just use the one with the word "opposite" in it. Because saying "You jerk forward when a car stops because you keep moving in that direction for a moment after the car has stopped moving" is WAY over the heads of the average fanficrants reader, I'm sure.

Admitting a simple mistake is for the weak.

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