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Offended by the Offensiveness

Today has been a bad day for me. First we have kharmii and his/her insensitivity toward terminal conditions. WHY DOESN'T SHE GIVE CANCER OR AIDS THE CREDIT THEY DESERVES!!!1!111!1! I'm glad you all recognize. They should start a new class at university called 'cancer studies' where we learn to be more sensitive toward cancer victims and learn to be semantically correct when it comes to diagnosing their demises. Anyone who disagrees will be called 'a dirty cancerist'.

Anyway, I was listening to some old-skool and heard something that really got my knickers in a twist. It's "This is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan. In the song, (skip to 1:36) he says, "The hoods been good to me, evera since I was a lower-case g. Now I'm a Big G. The ladies see. I gots the money. Hundred dolla bills, YAAAAAAALLL..!

Now that's just insulting to all the lower case gs out there. He's insinuating that just because they are small and lower-case, then they must belong to some kind of lower class and be disadvantaged when it comes to getting the money -or- making the ladies see. We must raise up our marginalized lower-case brothers and learn to see their inner biggness. We must fight against this 'lower-case-ism' polluting our society.

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