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If you sprinkle when you tinkle...

In a post about one of those bullshit articles about how to please your man, quasi-troll and weeaboo furry wuchan expresses a preference for men who urinate while sitting down, citing hygiene and classiness as her reasons.

massashaun takes umbrage, claiming that standing up to pee is a man's sacred birthright. Also, standing up is obviously the only way for a man to piss because that's why penises are on the outside. (This squawking about "utiliz[ing one's] body in the way that it was created to function" is especially lulzy because massashaun is childfree.)

Meanwhile, ovariancyst goes into huge amounts of TMI about pissing, even admitting that he lets the last few drops dribble into his underwear, and then gets hugely defensive, calling wuchan a whiny schoolgirl and a spoiled princess. Then he picks a fight with bertro over an argument he had with hexennacht two years ago that nobody else remembers.

All the moaning is liberally sprinkled with loud declarations of "THIS IS SUCH A NON-ISSUE I TOTALLY DON'T CARE YOU'RE THE ONES MAKING A BIG DEAL OF IT!!!!" from the gentlemen in question.

Finally dialogic declares the whole comm stupid, which is why this little episode shouldn't be here.

EDIT: ovariancyst projects like crazy about how all the femjays are making a huge big deal out of men pissing.

META: twelvethirty wtfs at wuchan's preference, before remarking that s/he definitely would NOT 'dig' a guy who pisses sitting down.

And in this thread, members of stupid_free rush to inform the Internet that they piss in the shower.


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