The Not-So-Magic Kingdom (reddressorblue) wrote in stupid_free,
The Not-So-Magic Kingdom

Nothing like a piping hot cup of rapewank to get ohnotheydidnt going!

Over on ohnotheydidnt, someone makes a post about Alanis Morrisette's up-and-coming autobiography, in which she admits to being a victim of statutory rape.

A lovely, classy, woman-friendly discourse about the hierarchy of abuse is underway! SHOCKER.

Edit: Some "gems" from the post, even though this is some pretty self-explanatory stupid.

hp_humper asks: "Isn't statutory rape consensual? I mean yeah you might regret it but using the word victim?"

Elsewhere, pasqual wonders why "people feel the need to share things like that with the world? aren't victims of sexual assault usually more private about it?" But it's okay, guys, she used to counsel abused teens, so she's the expert on how people should deal with sexual abuse.

Edit #1: This s_f post is now with meta: THE GREAT yep_i_am_dennis COMMENT-DELETING CAPER.

Edit #2: MOAR META, via ilse_witch! "idk, "victims" of statutory rape make conscience decisions, i don't think it's right for someone who is forty to have a sexual relationship with someone who is 14 but i don't think it should be punishable by law, physically most 14 year old girls are mature enough for sex."

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