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milk in a bag

epic. milk. discussion. here.


* Is there no bagged milk in the U.S.?...lol no, we are not freaks
* wtf is bagged milk? i never seen it in america. is it so hard to put it in a carton?
* Wait, wait, wait! So it's milk. In a bag. And there's nothing around supporting it? Just milk floating around freely in a bag? And that's common in Canada? This is the first I've heard of this and it sounds extremely weird. I can't imagine milk in bags...WTF?!
* i remember the first time visiting my cousins in toronto and i was like, wtf is this bag doing in a container in your fridge? idgi.
* Bagged milk being a Canadian thing is such a bizarre concept to me. I couldn't imagine drinking it any other way.
* I can't even comprehend how it's used in a bag. I just thing of it as just spilling out all over the place and rolling around.
* eww
* Milk in a bag? I don't think we have that shit in Australia. Never saw it in the US when I was there either.
* i've lived in canada 10 years and i've never ever seen this. how exactly does bagged milk work?
* Just make sure you don't cut a huge slit. You can cut with scissors, or with special milk bag cutters.
* That is so odd. It makes my disliking of milk even stronger. Sloshing around in that bag. Ew.
* The bag seems kinda redundant? i mean wouldn't it just be easier to pour the milk in the jugs and eliminate the bag completely?
* canadians are such special snowflakes.

To add- same discussion going on in this post apparently. and the link to the post was here the whole time. no edits made to body of this post (except to add this "add").

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