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Stupid in it's simplest form - "Who?"

Yesterday, George Carlin died.

You know, the comedian. The guy who was the conductor. The guy who played Rufus in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. The guy had his own television show by the same name. The guy who paved the way /fought against the power of the Federal Communications Commission.

With such a variety of occupations, news headlines, and accomplishments under his belt, you would think people would have at least heard of him, right? And upon hearing of his death, you would expect a lot of respectful wishes and memories, right?


We're talking ohnotheydidnt here.......

thelittlevoice makes a post with the news of George Carlin's death.

The 9th comment on the very first comment page upon minutes of the tragic news being reported comes from cock_block: "i have never heard of him :x" (1).

And the wank begins:

elleshellmo starts things off by responding to cock_block where she states "I'm sorry, but it's really douchey to post that type of comment in a death announcement post. Go use YouTube and google." (2)

Offended, vandale chimes in and says "It's also douchey to think that the whole world knows everything about American culture...Geesh get over yourself a bit." (3)

___closetome points out something that most ONTD-ers are not capable of doing, using a couple inventions called Google and Wikipedia: "Nothing is wrong with not being a lazy and typing his name into google and not being a twat and making a "idk who he is but rip i guess" comment" (4)

harmlessbondage jumps into the debate and uses some *gasp* common sense when he says "would you walk into a wake and announce you don't know who the person in the casket is? yes that's a more exaggerated example, but nonetheless, it's rude. especially when you're on the internet where you can easily search for his information. wikipedia, google, yahoo, ANY sort of search - these are universal. don't put your ignorance off like it's somehow acceptable for people outside of america to be disrespectful to the dead. this is one of those situations where it is best to keep your comment to yourself; if you don't know who he was or what he contributed to SOCIETY let alone comedy, then why are you bothering to comment in this post? to be original?" (5)

oh_sailor then comes in stating the obvious. ONTD = "this is what is fundamentally wrong with ontd: a bunch of kids without even basic pop culture knowledge mouthing off about pop culture". (6)

thepapermill echoes the above by pointing out "how the fuck do you know who some random bitch from Project Runway is yet you have no idea who George Carlin is W T F". (7)

Now, mind you. All of this occured on page one of the post. Do you thing think by the time we hit page 2 people will have A) Read page 1, B) Performed a Google / Wikipedia search, or C) Clicked the Wikipedia link that the OP provided?

No, of course not.

We're talking ohnotheydidnt here.......

Fast forward to page 20 (and yes, I read every comment and every page because I am a Carlin fan) where ms_firecrotch, who also did not know who Tim Russert was, states "thats really sad. i don't really know who he is, but rest in peace." (8)

Sweet and thoughtful comment, yes?


andreasachs calls ms_firecrotch out for an apparent comment she deleted in which she said George Carlin was 'old': "nice job deleting your other comment and then trying to appear sympathetic......I didn't say it was bitchy, maybe you feel it was? whatevs, it was uncalled for, especially in response to the person who was saying how they were crying over his death." (9, 10)

Thankfully, by the later pages, it appears the stupid has been weeded out and people are paying their respects.

P.S. The stupid is multi-layered.

A) Yes, there is stupid over the fact people don't know George Carlin, when he has done a lot (not just in America).
B) ONTD is stupid in they have trouble grasping a little thing called Wikipedia or Google. Or, in this case, READING the first sentence of the post or looking at the WIKIPEDIA LINK the OP provided.
C) Is the death of someone really the time to break out the "Who?" comments, especially on the very first page? I mean really, if you don't know, don't comment and scroll on by. Or look it up on the internet. Have some respect. And don't be surprised and offended when people jump down your throat for such a stupid and 'not-the-right-place" kind of comment.

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