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Calling Doctor ElJay

mrs_slats posts to pregnant here. She's upset because the last time she went in for a pregnancy checkup, her mom came with her and caught her off guard by telling the P.A. (physician's assistant) that she (mrs_slats) had been having suicidal thoughts. One can appreciate mrs_slats for being miffed at her mother, and her mother for being concerned about her daughter.

The stupid comes in when the P.A. takes a flying medical leap and gives the OP samples of Lexapro to start taking. She wants to breastfeed! How could the P.A. have given her this medication knowing this?? Rather than consult her OB, or GP or any doctor at all, mrs_slats asks pregnant what they think.

orchidisis321 says Eh, no big deal. You're not HORRIBLY depressed. It can wait. to which lacanian points out "Oh, hai. She's having suicidal thoughts. That's not so much with the OK."

Cue ever_abstract who says Lots of people have thoughts of suicide. I do every time I fight with my husband or do the bills. and hey, she lost her father to suicide, so it's ALL OKAY.

mrs_slats says She thought that when she became a Christian she was done with suicidal thoughts.

lacanian tries to point out to withluckysevens that the OP's mom had good intentions and withluckysevens flips her shit.

There are people who tell her to actually SEE A DOCTOR.

And then there's liebe_immer, who says she's not a hippie or anything, but "i don't trust most doctors or pharmaceutical companies, they only want your money".

ETA SO MUCH META SNARK:maenads_dance says this touches on DEEPLY DEEPLY PERSONAL ISSUES with her. She doesn't know if she can read this you guys! it's making her ill! SRSLY U GUYS UNFAIR SNARK. she just needs to stop commenting!

Cue THE VERY PERSONAL STORIES about depression y'all.

ayanamisima wants to know about Wellbutrin u guys! Can she take that if she's pregnant? Just curious.

And ardor_patientia found a website and can now give medical advice!

Stay tuned for late breaking news...

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