Nikhedonia (niki4jm) wrote in stupid_free,

Over in anti_feminism (yes, I can hear the tails slapping against the wood from here) there is an article posted about the similarities and differences of gay and straight brains.

infinitedomain puts being gay on the same level as wanting a soda.

estu_k_aftadai has no problem with screening children for gay traits or interracial parents making their children's skin lighter. And if it does become rampant, all you need is a quota to make it all better.

And then there's lost_kite....

I <3 eugenics.

You call it eugenics, I call it market choice.

So what if I said you shouldn't exist? Debate me anyway!

A world without homophobia versus a world without homosexuals? Personally I see it as a neutral change.

(thanks to savagemind and chessdev for the links)

ETA: Damnit. That's what I get for not refreshing.

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