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Race/religion wank+ Disney= "Mickey Mouse doesn't wear turbans!"

Starts simple, a post to ohnotheydidnt about a man suing Disney for not giving him a specific job within the park because of his turban and facial hair.

"In his suit, Sukhbir Channa says when he applied for a job at Disneyworld in 2006, he was told his turban, beard, and long hair didn't conform to the "Disney look." Here's the goofy part: just a few months before, in 2005, he says he marched as a toy soldier in a Disney parade with no problems-- but then his turban was hidden by a big toy soldier hat."

Hey Mickey you're so fine...

udsweetpea starts the ball rolling with this brillant comment Disney prides itself on authenticity, and a turban would not "go" with Main Street, USA

And then ups the ante of awesome by suggesting where he could work: "I'm thinking they could have put him in EPCOT or Animal Kingdom" Sauce

misguidedeskimo wants you to know that Disney is not racist because they have Princess Jasmine, Pochahontas AND Mulan DAMMIT
Paint with all the colour of the wind!

And finally, __lovebuzzz tops it off with race, welfare and religion ignorance.

Immigrants all have designer sunglasses and a million welfare cheques!

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