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actually NOT race wank!

In booju_newju, a post is made about children's privacy.

ladygaia87 has found Christianity. Around May 13thish. She expects her adult children to have a curfew (of 11). But 11 is fairly late for adults, after all.

She's decided to teach her children that fornication is a HUGE sin. Heck, even SHE'S not planning on fornicating again!

If her child breaks up with somebody, there's a mandatory two month waiting period for a new relationship.

She cares about God's wishes for her children, so drunkenness is a sin and if her child disagrees, they'll be out on the street. She also plans on telling her (adult) children that they cannot go to parties.

She's not being overprotective, she's read forums: she knows this is the Christian norm. Well, Christians who are willing to make God happy anyway.

EDIT FOR NEW LINKS: I guess that people didn't believe her, because she decides to start preaching. She knows that drinking (not getting drunk) can't be a sin because Jesus drank wine! ladygaia87 has also created a new ranking system for the sins: she considers being drunk worse than being gay. It's not one of those 'upper-most sins'.

my church happens to be some strange combo between Free Will and Southern Baptist. I think I will go by what a pastor says before a bunch of people on the internet. Kthnxbye. Except that she keeps referring to that internet forum of hers.

aria_star also gets in on the conversation, so that's fun. Then ladygaia87 has very conveniently found a fiance. I hope she doesn't have kids with him; she probably won't be able to remember his name after that. He also won't let her have a job outside the house, though that may have something to do with her inability to get hired.

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