Yenesi (yenesi) wrote in stupid_free,

Race wank like nobody's business

Someone asks for opinions on Chief Wahoo, the Cleveland Indians logo.

Are you 100% Native American? Are you 100%?

I just don't see how this logo would be that traumatizing to those few people who are still full-blooded Native Americans.

I'm white, but I have black friends, so I can't be racist.

Darkie toothpaste? ZOMG sue Colgate!

Anytime cartoonists make caricatures of people they always accentuate things. Blacks will have wider noses, whites may have upturned pig-like noses or big downturned hook noses. Asians will have tiny noses and slanted eyes...

Cleveland Carpetmunchers?

It's the Time Life Collection of racism's greatest hits!

Thanks bill_mckay for the write up in the original post, where we alerady have meta scratch that, meta is here.

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