Fighting the System with Balls (sayonara_snot) wrote in stupid_free,
Fighting the System with Balls

Obama_2008 Modpocalypse - Part Deux!

So, when we last left our story, obama_2008 was in the process of implosion on a truly massive scale. The community had been subject to no less than four overweeningly dickish MOD POSTS, each failing harder than the last. The now-extinct veldamorgan had deleted the community, only to bring it back with a hale and hearty FUCK YOU after realizing that LJ allowed more than one Barack Obama Community, and that people were going there instead of curling up into the fetal position, sweating and shivering from withdrawal and crying out for their Obama fix, as she had hoped.

After the craziness was featured here, co-mod tri_blog, now famous for his mad conflict-resolution skillz, shows up to give us all a taste of what kind of douchebaggery we can expect from him if we were so inclined to join his community.

People take the opportunity to tell him what they think of his mod abilities. And him. Apparently he's a big ol' misogynist who leaves comments to people calling them "$10 a hour ass-wiping bitch"-es when they piss him off.

And now, with his newly obtained butthurt and co-modship of obama_2008, he has also taken to banning members simply for saying they don't like him - IN ANOTHER COMMUNITY.


Did opalcat even do anything like this? I don't think so! I think that these new developments make him - get ready, people - you may want to sit down...

Worse Than opalcat.

Yes, I said it. And I stand by it!!!

I am also curious - how many people has he banned from obama_2008 for simply not thinking he's super rad and awesome? Please sign in here!

I think tri_blog is a little bit confused maybe and thinks he was put in charge of mussolini_2008.

ETA: tri_blog is banning and denying memberships to people who are members of Stupid_free! Because we're a bunch of $10 an hour ass-wiping bitches drama mongers, in his view.

I beg to differ: I think we are the collective Miss Manners of LJ, and he's mad that we're calling him out on his dickishness.
Tags: mod wank, modness show of power, modular accusatory fingers of doom, obama_2008, total assholes, tri_blog

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