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Also other people that are not minions, hay how's it going

Turns out I was waiting all day to get home so I can make a post. As many of you may know, no Stupid gets me moist quite like Power-Tripping Mods Stupid. Add a healthy dose of race wank, and a sprinkling of flounce, and you've got yourself a winner. Or a loser. Whatever.

obama_2008 has been, up until very recently, your normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill community. Sometimes people argue, most times they're civil. Arguments generally heat up, then peter out.

Then, one day, people start talking about race. Someone compares being black to having body mods, other people try to point out the problems with comparing the two, some white people get a little defensive, and the black commenter gets a warning.

Later, the mod makes a Mod Post announcing that pennygwoods has been banned for her contribution to another comment thread on race in another post, one in which she was apparently not warned at all.

Members of the community protest the banning, which they feel was unfair and based upon a very loose interpretation of what might constitute rude behavior, including the person who got defensive in the first thread.

Mods ignore all of the dissenting comments, choosing instead to make another post on the banning, this time with excerpts from pennygwoods's personal journal (this post now deleted).

When THAT post explodes in outrage, tri_blog, the newly minted co-mod, decides to take a completely different tack.

Just kidding! He goes and makes YET ANOTHER POST on the subject. In this one, he reminds the obama_2008 community that politeness isn't "just for white people", and that it's not nice to "cry racism".

I'd link you to that one, but in a completely surprising and unexpected turn of events, the post exploded in outrage and is now deleted.

At this point, Mod veldamorgan steps in. She knows what ails this community: Its mere existence!

So she deletes it.

Obamatronamaniabots across LJ go BUH???? and, having nowhere to go to post photos of their candidate looking cute/inspiring/presidential, lose no time and create barackobama2008. Within hours, it has almost 30 members.

A few hours later veldamorgan, maybe realizing that it sucks having a deleted community because deleted communities don't exactly do much beyond sit there being deleted, undeletes the community and issues the following levelheaded, conciliatory statement:

I wasn't trying to harm anyone by asking that people don't engage in flamewars here. I don't think I was asking for the moon. If you can't bear to be in a community where people aren't allowed to treat each other like shit, you know what? Fuck you. Go find another community to fill with garbage.
Text of Now-Locked Ranty Mod PostCollapse )


Not to be outdone in mending bridges and healing wounds, co-mod tri_blog, in classic sensual_blossom fashion, appeals for an end to the drama and calls people assholes then denies calling people assholes and tells all the angry people to let it go. Just let it go. This drama has got to stop. Asshole.

The community goes completely apeshit yet again, and commenters who are not banned start to flounce en masse.

Which brings us to the present. It's been a few hours, so my bet is on a Mod Post there telling the members to fuck themselves with a rusty tire iron within the next 30-45 minutes.

Can we be total douchebags? YES WE CAN!!

ETA: Can someone make caps of these in case of deletion? Something tells me these are gonna disappear as soon as someone over there sees this entry. *OK I have screencaps, can anyone host them for me???*

OMFG ETA: Aaaaand just as things are finally dying down over there, comes a call to end the now-nonexistent drama! Stop the drama! Just stop! Why must we all fight?? Hey, you two, over there peacefully playing cards, do you hear me?? CUT IT THE FUCK OUT!!!

The ETA That Would Not End: Mod posts have now been protected from innocent eyes. Caps, anyone? Also, fucking hell I missed you guys. &hearts

AND LO, MORE ETA: tri_blog shows up to condescend to us personally. I feel honored!
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