That Rustbelt Ruffian (mengus) wrote in stupid_free,
That Rustbelt Ruffian

Cross-community vaginal discharge hysterics.

In the Beginning

jameth, that rapscallion, links to a post made in iud_divas, and then asks his friends list:

"Ladies, do you ever get boogers from your vagina? Most of my flist is made up of homosexual males and we don't know too much about what goes on down there. Please edumucate us. Thank you."

The post in his personal journal goes swimmingly, generating comments that span both the funny and the informative1.

The Center Cannot Hold

I. Ban #1

But back at iud_divas, a number of people get banned for asking vaginal discharge questions:

2008-04-25 01:27 pm (local) (link) Track This
your post has been infested with trolls. jameth, scottrossi and weev have been banned and their comments deleted. you may want to friends-lock this post to prevent further trolling, since jameth has linked this post to his journal. or feel free to delete it.

II. Banhammer deux

So, jameth furthers his inquiries at vaginapagina (now deleted):


aechei cries foul! And immediately mentions the iud_divas banning, assumes that jameth was trolling the community, and reports the vadgepadge post to the infamous "VP Team."

Cue wank. The action climaxes with aechei asserting, "in a classic sign of internet idiocy, he [jameth] has an encyclopedia dramatica entry. useless humans."

Of course, the internet responds with an ED entry for her.

The VP Team deletes the post, and the plucky young homosexual finds himself B&

Things Fall Apart

Mod post @ contact_vp

aechei insists that she is NOT homophobic, but clearly a little bit butthurt.


1Specific permission to link granted here .

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