Slipstream (slipstreamborne) wrote in stupid_free,

Oh internet. Don’t ever change.

Over at the pro-“Open Source Boob Project”* post on dragoncon (which is itself full of fun times and plenty of opportunities to headdesk), the discussion about women’s bodily autonomy has devolved into abortion wank.

Along with being dismissive of those who find the “Project” problematic, zemlachhas some other things he wants to tell you:

-He doesn’t have boobs (moobs, on the other hand…) or a uterus, but he has the right to lecture women on abortion. “That’s right, the champion of boob grabbing in public is pro-life… I don't find the two incompatible.” Color me shocked, I say!

-Also, it isn’t hypocritical of him to tell women what to do with their bodies when they can’t tell him to get castrated, because his balls don’t have unborn children in them.

-Being pro-choice means you’d think it would be all right for him to go on a shooting spree somewhere with lots of babies born into shitty circumstances. Trufax.

-"Unfortunately I am not completely right all the time, I am completely right on this however. I am a human being, and so I make mistakes...much like many are making the mistake of thinking abortion is correct in the circumstances you are giving. Why must I be the one wrong...that's right, because I don't share your viewpoint. Better to be self-righteous, than selfish."

-But that doesn’t make him narcissistic! “I don't feel you have to be without sin to cast the first stone, personally if you have quite a bit of sin you know exactly where to cast your stones at.” 

ETA:  Public groping: its exactly the same as the civil rights movement.

*For those unfamiliar with this shitstorm and who do not want to venture far past SF's embrace to learn moar, see these posts at sf_drama

ETA 2, ELECTRIC BOOGALOO:  The stupid himself has shown up to the party, and to make up for the fact that he's six weeks late he's apparently decided to respond to almost every single comment in pages two and three, but still maintains that he doesn't really consider himself to be that narcissistic.  Oh, and he calls pester  an abortionist and Godwins the post.  Make of it what you will.

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