Panda (dj_vitae) wrote in stupid_free,

theakashicmind makes a short but stupid post in customers_suck:
When checking into a hotel in the middle of the night, do not ask the desk clerk to come up to your room to show you how to work the shower. She will hand you a bottle and tell you "You can use this if you get lonely." Bonus points for being in your 50's.

If only I had a camera for the look on his face...

I was bored so I made a new macro to express my thoughts on the matter, because WHAT is the internet without macros???

And then, shortly thereafter, harbornight informs me:
I really don't think that not wanting to risk your life to show someone how to do something really simple is "bad service".

Good stuff already. I daresay it may even get better!
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