ems (ems) wrote in stupid_free,

"I find what you are saying about White people to be offensive!!!!"

I don't know if we can specifically snark comments here, but this was just too funny to pass up.


I've seen the light. I have totally realised how hard it is to be part of the racial majority in part of the Western world. People keep calling me "raciest", dammit!

it is hard being white.
you have to watch whatever you say because people love to make a racial issue out of anything, and people have a hissie if you say something that could be taken as raciest and you are GASP! white.
there's nothing wrong with being white, and it doesn't exclude you from racial comments or profiling.
People like you, think that if you are white that means you arn't ever descriminated agains.
Maybe its your location that you've never experienced it?
I don't know. But its more common then you think.
But hey, you don't have to believe or agree with anything I say. But you should think about what you say about white people because you look racist yourself.
the whole thing is,
this is a place to bitch about customers. thats what she did.
So what if she said he was black. He is, is being black a bad thing? no, it's not so why make HUGE deal out of it?
Just like its not bad to be any ethnicity.
I normally wouldn't even reply to things like this, but it pisses me off when people try and say "well if he/she was white that wouldn't happen." yes it would.

There's a bit more context here, but it's your usual self-explanatory whiny white girl.

EDIT: Bonus stupid! Apparently, this guy was totally being racist towards the poor little white girl! Because he, uh, didn't want her to touch his money... and didn't actually mention anything to do with skin colour... and... uh... okay it totally wasn't racist but it so proves her point!
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