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It all begins at bad_rpers_suck. Not usually a snark-worthy community, mind you. But when dieinahole shows up, the whole place goes 'splodey.

The community knows this person well, having had dealings with her before. She's not a troll exactly. Nahh, that's a far too respectful label to bestow upon her. She just expects everyone in the whole entire intrawebz to agree with her, and when they don't, she deletes comments, cries troll/sockpuppet account and generally gets pissy. Whichever suits her mood at that particular time. The intrawebz = srs bizniz, after all!

Now unfortunately for us, the really juicy post is locked. However, this little gem recently appeared on BRPS. Included at the very top is a thinly-disguised "plz to be agreeing with me, otherwise you are a troll!"

Lame snark, you may say. Not much drama here. But wait. I guarantee you it will get better. I've caught it in the early stages, but it's highly likely the drama will be good. And if it isn't, feel free to lampoon me as you see fit. :)

edit: Thanks to jediknightmuse (fellow BRPS member), we now have some screenshots of teh stoopid from previous posts:

This was one of the posts in which comment deletion was rampant. These beauties all went after my friend screencapped them.

Same here.

Links for the curious.

dieinahole attempts to defend herself ...

... but the masses aren't buying teh stoopid.

Only those who agree with dieinahole write good character histories! *sage nod*

More screenshots ... I'll let the stoopid speak for itself.

A nice little sum-up by cluudle of dieinahole.

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