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This is belated stupid, but no one has posted it yet, so I’m going to jump at this opportunity. It’s ONTD, so it’s not so much collective wankiness as a glut of stupid comments spread out over four pages.

An article about another ban on superskinny models is posted in ohnotheydidnt. As expected, all of the crazies come out of the woodwork.

About 37892432908493028490 comments are made with these two general responses:

1. OMG SOME PEOPLE ARE NATURALLY SKINNY!!11111 I’m ten feet tall and weigh 80 pounds and I’m totally healthy! Stop picking on meeeeee!!!1

2. BY NOT STONING ALL PEOPLE ABOVE A SIZE 00 YOU ARE PROMOTING OBESITY!!!!!! Get fatties off the runway!!!!!!!!

This is a mild stupid next to some of the insanity you guys manage to find (bless you) but I just found this so mind boggling I couldn’t resist posting it. plz to be not eating me.

PS. Sasha Pivovarova is SO FAT lol.

PPS. I once had a link to a bunch of pro-anas using concentration camp pictures as ~*~thinspo~*~ (seriously) – but I couldn’t find it. :(

EDIT: This probably isn't worth adding, because there are hardly any comments yet -- but here's another similar post that was just made.
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